BIM Guru

BIM Guru was founded by Gavin Crump in January 2020 with the vision of providing high quality, innovative and user-friendly BIM consulting solutions to the AEC industry. In 2022 Gavin joined BIM Consulting (the company, not the service!) on a part time basis to broaden his reach and ability to service clients of a larger nature with a group of like minds. Whilst we still service pre-existing clients, our focus has shifted towards our education platform for the most part.

Our Services

Historically I have provided a variety of services, including:

  • Strategic input and guidance

  • Revit templating, content creation and modelling

  • Project BIM coordination and clash detection

  • Dynamo and Grasshopper scripting

  • Training, education and mentoring

We are still available to consult for new clients, although only in the event it is not more suitable to consult via our part time engagement with BIM Consulting (the company). Should the shoe not fit, we are well connected to a wide network of consulting firms and individuals and will happily direct you to one or many suited to your specific needs.

BIM Guru Revit content and template

I recognise the need for high quality Revit families and templates in the AEC industry. To aid others in overcoming this challenge, I regularly release and maintain Revit content and project templates on the BIM Guru platform. Don't let the low price tags deter you - I pride myself on providing some of the best quality content out there, you won't be disappointed!

Should you have any specific Revit template/content needs beyond what BIM Guru offers, feel free to contact us.

Need more details?


I'm here to assist. Contact me via my website, by phone or my social media channels.