BIM Guru

BIM Guru was founded by Gavin Crump in January 2020 with the vision of providing high quality, innovative and user-friendly BIM consulting solutions to the AEC industry.

Having worked in many Architectural firms as a BIM Manager and Coordinator since 2012, the business founder sought a medium by which more users and disciplines could be aided through his services.

My Vision


I envision a connected, progressive and collaborative AEC Industry. BIM is a crucial component of this.

Our Clients

Within its first year of business, BIM Guru has already helped more than 50 unique clients from around the world. I look forward to working with many types of Clients in order to realise their goals and visions.

Our Services

I provide a variety of BIM Consulting services, including:

  • Strategic input and guidance

  • Revit templating, content creation and modelling

  • Project BIM coordination and clash detection

  • Dynamo and Grasshopper scripting

  • Training, education and mentoring

BIM Guru Revit content and template

I recognise the need for high quality Revit families and templates in the AEC industry. To aid others in overcoming this challenge, I regularly release and maintain Revit content and project templates on our online platform. Don't let our low price tags deter you - I pride myself on providing affordable yet high quality products for all economies.

Should you have any specific Revit template/content needs beyond what BIM Guru offers, don't hesitate to get in touch!

Need more details?


I'm here to assist. Contact me via my website, by phone or my social media channels.