We're excited to share with our followers that the new course platform we've been developing for a while now has officially launched!

Whilst our subscription courses are still under development, we have successfully converted all of our store content into course format which means:

  • You can revisit/re-download them

  • Support videos are available with them

  • We can make updates/improvements

In addition to our content previously on the store, we also now have a Residential Template available with over 100 support videos to guide you in setting up a standard house in Revit using these products. We also have an Advanced Project for purchase, and a free Basic Project with content/template samples.

To any customers who originally spent $150 or more at our Wix store, we have sent equivalent coupons to that value for use in the new platform via email. If for some reason you haven't received this, please let us know your account name as well as your email you used to purchase content originally. Note that most products have slightly increased in cost due to additional support material and to offset the cost of running a separate platform.

As the platform requires coupons to be used once per item, you can put the coupon towards a content bundle, or contact us to have it split into separate products to equal value.

Should you have any queries, don't hesitate to reach out!

- Gavin @ BIM Guru

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