Article Feature: The Tycoon Magazine

Recently, we were invited to write an article for The Tycoon Magazine. They feature entrepreneurs and business managers regularly on their website so we were more than happy to contribute our story!

The article can be found at this link.

An excerpt of the article is below;

...My business is positioned to capitalize on this time of change. During my career, I have had the opportunity to experience and deliver BIM related services from all levels: technician, coordinator, middle manager, and lead. This panorama of roles has given me access to a wide range of skills and an empathetic nature; my solutions are provided with relevant context in all scenarios...

...By making my business’ name a derivative of my educational brand, I have managed to connect the authenticity of my channel to my actual business via the conduit of their common factor, which is me! In all my videos I appear in the top left corner and talk my users through the tutorials. On my website, you’ll find me center stage on the home page – arms crossed and looking super serious; it’s a bit cheesy, but it gives my business and it’s brand a level of personality that yields approach-ability...

We hope you enjoy the article, and look forward to presenting on future platforms! Thanks to the Tycoon Magazine for hosting us.

- Gavin Crump @BIM Guru

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