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Updated: May 4

This brief article summarizes some key changes in how BIM Guru will operate in future on the back of recent developments in the career journey of its owner, Gavin Crump. Some of these changes have been in the making for a while now, whilst others are prospective. Should you have any queries about them, don't hesitate to reach out!

If you follow me on LinkedIn, you may have recently noticed some changes on my profile indicating that I've picked up some new part time responsibilities. This may seem at odds with my current business activities at BIM Guru, so I'll do my best to explain what's happening and how it impacts my business model and services.

Ch ch ch ch changes...

Just in case you haven't seen any updates elsewhere, I have decided to join an established BIM consulting team in the Australian market on a part time permanent basis moving forward. This team is actually called BIM Consulting, and many of you may have come across them in the market before (they have been around since 2012). They are well established, and share my common vision of continual AEC industry improvement.

Aside from owning what might be the most optimized name for SEO in the BIM consulting market, they boast an experienced team of BIM consultants covering a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds, mindsets at a strategic level as well as skillsets across the commonly used software platforms in the AEC market.

Of course, I did consider (and briefly try) scaling my own team inhouse (and also outsourced - with disappointing results) at BIM Guru, but what I have been building here is simply too bespoke in nature to quickly and sustainably expand in such a manner. My content, brand and identity are all so closely tied to my own idiosyncrasies that it presents a serious challenge to instil or force this way of working/thinking upon others, whilst keeping delivery time and quality at the same level. And I'm OK with that.

I also simply love using and developing BIM software and tools and working with the data they can generate. By scaling my business, I would probably be leaving that part of my career journey behind in order to make that work. On a day to day basis I'm already doing quite a lot of work 'off the tools' as it is, so scaling BIM Guru doesn't seem the way for me to hold onto this passion either. Again, I'm OK with that.

Rather than forcibly reinvent the wheel, I began searching for a team to contribute my gusto towards in 2021. It didn't take long to find the BIM Consulting team, and after sub-consulting with them for a bit over a year I decided that joining this team part-time was a good move.

How will BIM Guru change?

Traditionally, my experience has been from entirely within the fours walls of various architectural firms. I switched my career path into consulting to remove these walls both in regards to the type of people I could assist with my abilities and also to pursue my own personal RnD projects and monetizable content avenues. I'm pleased to inform my followers and clients that for me, BIM Guru has always been lucrative, enjoyable and most importantly it has helped me open my mind to what the industry really needs out of BIM overall. Perspective is a heck of thing.

I have no intent of leaving my personal consulting abilities behind, and am fully committed to providing ongoing support and services for any previously engaged clients by my business. Likewise my content platform will continue to develop (Revit Windows version 2 is on its way!), and my YouTube channel will continue to produce similar content. The benefit of coming into a business with a pre-established set of avenues in motion is that you get a chance to negotiate all of these things so they can co-exist, and I'm pleased to confirm they certainly will (legally, and actually).

The main change in BIM Guru will be that my future focus will shift towards my content and course platform in lieu of actively pursuing/taking on clients. It is likely that whenever suitable, I will recommend future clients towards the BIM Consulting team in first instance. Beyond this team, I have a wide network of BIM Consultants and firms who I can direct you towards - so the shoe can fit one way or the other.

Four walls, now made of glass

Architectus is one of the largest and most respected architectural practices in Australia, operating a Digital Sector including the subsidiary company BIM Consulting who I've recently joined. The Architectus Digital team provide inhouse BIM Management services to Architectus on a daily basis. This method of BIM Management has proven to be dynamic, unique and ultimately effective, versus the typical 'lone wolf' method of BIM Management that is quite common in architectural firms. Part of my role with the team will be to focus on leading Architectus' computational/BIM capabilities into the future, which I have already been doing on a consulted basis for since 2021.

I’m thrilled to be officially joining the Architectus Digital team and am grateful for the opportunity to participate in the BIM/computational aspects of complex, exciting and innovative projects all across Australia. I will now have the be able to broadcast the capabilities of what can be achieved with a leading practice to the wider industry. Whilst what is broadcast will of course go through the typical company filters, my goal is to inform the industry of what is possible when BIM/computation are applied at scale - leading the industry by example.

Expect to eventually see regular updates and industry engagement from myself via the Architectus Digital & BIM Consulting team, as well as many of the talented colleagues I work with. The four walls are back, but they're made of glass - and I invite you all to gaze within, in the hope that they might inspire the ideas contained within to permeate beyond.

Business as (un)usual

I hope this update doesn't come as a surprise or a disappointment to any of my followers or pre-existing clients, and I personally see it as a fantastic opportunity to amplify my goals through collaborating alongside like minds. I truly feel I am entering into a core chapter of my career development as a BIM enthusiast and professional.

Do expect to see some updates on the course/content front in the next few months over on my education platform, and I look forward to continuing to service my existing client base and introducing my future client's to a wider team.

The future, as always, excites me - I look forward to whatever it has in store!

- Gavin Crump @ BIM Guru / BIM Consulting

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