Podcast: Architecture Social ft. Gavin Crump

Recently, BIM Guru's owner appeared on the Architecture Social podcast, which is a network for architectural graduates and students. Across the hour discussion, we covered a wide range of topics related to BIM, career pathways and even World of Warcraft!

The podcast can be found over at the Architecture Social YouTube channel. I had a great time with Stephen Drew and I encourage everyone to check out his fast growing network over at the Architecture Social. I must say that LinkedIn is no longer as rewarding of a network for me as it used to be, and it's been a breath of fresh air to come across a new one that is more focused on what matters!

I'm looking forward to appearing on two webinars and potentially three podcasts early during 2021, but it was great to begin on such a high note with this one.

BIM Guru thanks Architecture Social and Stephen for having us on their show, and we look forward to appearing in more future podcasts!

- Gavin Crump @BIM Guru

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