Podcast: BIM Thoughts ft. Gavin Crump

Recently, BIM Guru's owner had the privilege of appearing on BIM Thoughts, a well known AEC focused podcast. Over half an hour, we discussed BIM Guru, Gavin's YouTube channel and what it takes to be a successful BIM Manager.

The podcast can be found over at the BIM Thought's website. BIM Thoughts has been around quite a while now, and the hosts of the podcast are well known in AEC and the wider BIM Community - so we were very excited to be able to be involved!

BIM Guru thanks Carl Storms, Bill Debevc and Dana De Filippi (who couldn't attend this time around unfortunately) for having us on their show, and we look forward to appearing in more future podcasts! If you have time, go check out what Carl is getting up to over at BIM Track, as well as Bill's YouTube channel where he restores old toy cars (we're hooked on it!).

- Gavin Crump @BIM Guru

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