Podcast: BIMvoice ft. Gavin Crump

Recently, BIM Guru's owner had the privilege of appearing on BIMvoice an emerging AEC and BIM focused podcast. During the course of an hour we mused over the future of our industry and our obligation as BIM professionals to usher this in successfully.

The podcast can be found over at the BIMvoice podcast. BIMvoice has recently launched, and the host (Petru) presented many open ended and forward thinking questions - we were really impressed by this! We look forward to seeing the podcast grow and provide a new voice for BIM professionals.

BIM Guru thanks Petru Conduraru for having us on their show, and we look forward to appearing in more future podcasts! Definitely keep an ear out for future episodes - we sure will be.

- Gavin Crump @BIM Guru

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