Webinar: Getting Started with Visual Coding ft. Gavin Crump

We receive many questions from our followers and clients about how to get started with learning such tools as Dynamo and Grasshopper. A while ago, we presented a webinar on this exact topic with BILT Portugal, so thought it would be useful to share here!

Over the course or an hour, we shared and discussed what computational design and visual coding are, how they can be used in AEC and where one might get started to learn more about them. I've run this presentation once in the past, but unfortunately the recording was taken down by the facilitator recently - luckily I recorded the session myself this time.

BIM Guru thanks Rui Gavina, BILT Portugal and the Porto School of Engineering for providing us with this opportunity, and we hope this webinar goes on to help other potential visual coders around the world.

- Gavin Crump @BIM Guru

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