To support our BIM Guru Template, we're also producing Revit content packs. In Revit Content pack 7, we're providing you access to our complete MEP family collection.

Built for Revit 2020, these families are placeholders, intended for use by non-MEP modellers to coordinate and represent MEP families in their own models.


Please note: This content is built for versions 2020 and above.


We look forward to providing more high quality Revit content to you in future!


Should you seek more information about this product, don't hesitate to get in touch!

RC7: Services Collection (2020)

  • This product contains the following:

    • Revit 2020 Project (.rvt) file
    • 34 Placeholder (.rfa) families
    • 13 Image map (.jpg) files
    • A copy of our Terms of Use

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